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We are Techie Soul.

The year was 2012. The month, August. During a rainy monsoon season, a powerful idea was born - Technology to give Soulful meaning.

Thus, we started with aim to deliver technology that works for you. Our solutions are designed to adapt your business rather than your business adapting the software.

We have thus enabled organizations to collaborate more effectively, secure their highly-valued content and improve business process efficiency. We have and will be helping them to make more informed, faster decisions while ensuring high levels of security and control that IT requires.

As an IT services provider company which has skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions, we offer services of entire Software Development, Web Development, Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Content Management Solutions (CMS) and Creative Design from the very beginning until the end.

We like to think of ourselves as your digital partner or virtual team. We think digitally. We believe in collaboration. In blending together our diverse skills to create truly unified digital solutions to business challenges.

Informative Websites & Self Managed Websites

Unique & Creative website, gives your company a professional online presence. Content management system to run your own website, keep it fresh, flexible and extendable.


ERP allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. It integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, inventory, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Outsource Partner

We are outsource partners for other software companies too. We work behind the scenes and are open to NDA


We offer

Even while you're snoring, your brand is out in the world, speaking volumes. Are you comfortable with the impression it's making? Do you even truly know how clients and prospects perceive your company?
We make sure your brand is noticeable and consistent throughout your collateral and marketing materials.
Website Design & Development & Maintanence
We create unique website design for company to succeed online & give the edge over your competitors. We can make static, dynamic or CMS websites including responsive design.
Software Development
Mostly by pushing beautiful pixels, writing complex code, talking and listening to our clients and overall having fun while doing it, we PLAN, DESIGN, BUILD, LAUNCH and MANAGE professional and high-impact softwares for our customers.
We adopt a holistic approach to documentation. We begin by understanding the customer's business, the target audience, the processes and standards (sometimes establishing them to ensure that all change requests are securely documented). We take proactive steps to ensure that documentation is accurate and consistent. We even mark every iterations and revisions.
If you need an external hand to oversee your project and give you the detailed picture, then you are at the right place.
Our project management team is never content to sit back and write a memo or fancy report. We always invest ourselves into a project and take a "hands on" approach to managing. We challenge the status quo and work diligently to find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution to really make sure the project is completed as the owner intended.
Sometimes you don't need an entire project team to drive your development effort. You just need the right skill at the right time and you want to manage the development process within your own organization.In these cases, we can provide the needed resources while letting you manage your project and schedule.
We are dedicated to helping customers with their software need by giving access to our vast community support network and experienced software specialists. We help you network with the right people or team or consultants or free-lancers depending on your need.
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We at TechieSoul are bunch of tech enthusiast who were born to be part of IT world. Some say that our soul's took re-birth to continue being prosumer. Something that is common within our team is OCD i.e. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for perfection and excellence in our work. Our squad of experts, are working on modern technologies and tools with vast experience to carry out web based projects, e-commerce, erp and mobile applications.

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