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Fashionable, ready-to-wear accessories. Every item is handmade with a lot of care, hence extra special. Our items are contemporary yet classic and easy on your pocket too!Glass beads, carved wood, ceramic beads, wire, stones, paper, plastic, clay - we have fiddled with everything that came our way. But only those items that we think have attained certain finesse are set aside for you to choose from. The paisley motif, quintessentially Indian in its form and appearance, is called 'Koyri' in Marathi.

There is Gunjan, the self-taught artist who makes the accessories. She works on her designs when she is not at her full time job. There is Ritesh, who handles the logistics, finances, social media and above all their house. There is the ever-supportive and enthusiastic family who is still trying to fathom where this is heading. There are friends who constantly cheer from the sidelines and are our best bets for word of mouth publicity!